Reaching out this holiday season

So much has been said already about this challenging year. We started blogging back in April about the impact of the lack of informal face to face social contact with colleagues that working from home was bringing. We have worked with clients in these last months without meeting them, except via Zoom, and relying on sad video walk throughs of empty office spaces.

Last week we started to talk about what we would do for a Christmas e-card this year and we realised that, although we may be brainybirdz, we are also people who have missed making rounded, human connections with those we know and work with. That loss has crept up on us as the months have gone by.

So above all we decided that the most important thing we wanted to do was to extend our heartfelt wishes to everyone who like us is going through such a turbulent and changeable time right now and may even themselves have already lost someone they love to Covid.

In true 2020 style, our message to you is our hope that you can find some happiness in whatever small way this holiday time.

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