We run workplace science masterclasses for practitioners and end-users. For example, our popular ‘Experimenting with workspace’ event invites participants to reflect on their seat preferences for collaborative tasks and provides insights into the many factors coming into play, including visibility and overall spatial layout.

We also speak at a range of seminars and conferences. Some of these are open events which will be posted on this page as and when scheduled.

Upcoming events

Experimenting with workspace
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If you are responsible for workplace effectiveness or are just curious about how workplace design may be able to enhance organisational performance, this is an opportunity to take part in a spatial experiment run by two of the gurus of the emerging field of workplace science, Dr Kerstin Sailer and Ros Pomeroy from brainybirdz, in the newly re-fitted Herman Miller showroom in Aldwych.
In just over an hour you will be taken on a thought-provoking journey through some of the less well understood issues involved in designing workspace for real people. This highly participative event enables you to experience in real time the effects of office layout on how people choose to use space. An introduction to some of the core principles of ’people and space’ theory is also included.
By the end of the experiment you will have gained knowledge and insight that could help you to see the potential of what can be done in your own workplace to make it better suited to you and your organisation.
William Pitt Seminar, Pembroke College Cambridge
13 Oct 2017
Kerstin will be speaking at this annual event now in its 12th year. The topic of the seminar will be “The Productivity Paradox: are we all too busy to get anything done?”.
EUSN17, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
26-29 Sep 2017
Ros and Kerstin will be presenting recent findings from their research into collaboration, social networks and space.
‘Following the life of the Francis Crick Institute’, The Crick Institute, London
4 Sep 2017
Ros and Kerstin will be speaking about the spatial layout of the Francis Crick Institute and how it creates affordances for scientists to collaborate; this is part of their work so far on the current Wellcome Trust funded research project.