Published Research

Our research has been published in a variety of outlets, both academic journals and industry focused magazines. Some of these stem from collaborations with others (who are credited below). Where full text PDFs are not available through the links, please contact us here and we will be happy to provide those.

Pachilova, Rosica & Sailer, Kerstin (2020). Providing care quality by design: a new measure to assess hospital ward layouts, The Journal of Architecture, 25:2, p. 186-202

Sailer, Kerstin, & Thomas, Matt (2020). From Saint Jerome’s study to workplace seismographs: The role of spatial layouts in decision making speed across different industries. Proceedings of the 2nd Transdisciplinary Workplace Research Conference, Frankfurt / Germany and online

Sailer, Kerstin, & Thomas, Matt (2019). Correspondence and Non-Correspondence. Using office accommodation to calculate an organization’s propensity for new ideas. Proceedings of the 12th International Space Syntax Symposium. International Space Syntax Symposium.Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing / China, p. 166.1-166.17

Psathiti, Chrystala, & Sailer, Kerstin (2017). A prospect-refuge approach to seat preference: Environmental psychology and spatial layout. Proceedings – 11th International Space Syntax Symposium, SSS 2017, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Departamentode Engenharia Civil, Arquitetura e Georrecursos, Portugal: Lisbon, p. 137.1-137.16.

Sailer, Kerstin, Pomeroy, Ros, & Haslem, Rosie (2015). Data-driven design — Using data on human behaviour and spatial configuration to inform better workplace design. Corporate Real Estate Journal, 4 (3), p. 249-262.

Sailer, Kerstin, Pomeroy, Ros, & Haslem, Rosie (2015). Insights from an evidence based design practice. Work&Place, May 2015, p. 6-9