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Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 20.40.46 Kerstin contributed to the Good Practice podcast in October 2020. The topic of the programme was ‘Workplace design in the Covid era’ discussing the implications on organisational performance if we all continue to work from home. Kerstin spoke about her research in hospital wards and co-working spaces conducted together with Rositsa and the importance of communication for organisational performance.
Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 21.42.25 Kerstin talked to Mariella Frostrup for Times Radio in October 2020. Together with Bruce Daisley and others she discussed the future of work in the post-Covid era.
London-Evening-Standard-logo Kerstin was interviewed by Jason Deans for the London Evening Standard in September 2020. The article entitled ‘Future of work: why Covid-19 has changed the way we use office for ever‘ discusses how new working patterns mean organisations will need flexible spaces focused on collaboration and team building.
Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 21.16.16 Kerstin talked about the kind of workplace we might be returning to and how to get there safely in September 2020 in the ‘Coronavirus: The Whole Story’ podcast which highlights UCL’s interdisciplinary expertise on Covid-19. You can listen to the episode ‘Is it time to go back to the office?’ here.
theguardian In an article entitled ‘Covid will force us to reimagine the office. Let’s get it right this time’ published in August 2020 in the Guardian, Kerstin writes about the post-pandemic office and how the idea that we will all meet again regularly in a space where people can share a sense of togetherness and purpose should not be sacrificed.


Ros talked to Bert Broadhead for the Building Our Future podcast in January 2019. The 35 minute long podcast discusses workplace science and whether we give enough thought to the impact that the design and layout of our workplaces has on our individual and collective productivity & well-being.
Kerstin was a contributor to ‘The Why Factor’ broadcast on BBC World Service in July 2019. The topic of the programme was ‘Why should we work together?’ and Kerstin spoke about her research on collaboration in workplaces. She explained how open plan offices can lead to a sense of being seen and watched by others which can be a negative influence on people talking to each other.


Ros and Kerstin were interviewed by Pilar Orti for the Virtual Not Distant podcast in February 2018. In a good half an hour, the podcast entitled ‘Scientific Thinking in Workplace Design’ delves into the factors in the workplace that affect how we work with others.


Kerstin was interviewed by Ian Ellison for the Workplace Matters podcast in June 2017. In a bit more than an hour, the podcast entitled ‘Humans versus Machines? It’s complicated…’ discusses a broad range of topics around the workplace, spatial design and scientific thinking.
Ros and Kerstin both gave evidence to the Design Commission Parliamentary inquiry into ‘Design of the Built Environment and Behaviour’. The resulting ‘People and Places’ report published in March 2017, is full of recommendations to policymakers, government and industry on how design should be used to create healthier, happier and more energy efficient environments. Our expertise found its way into the section on Productive, innovative and creative behaviours.
powerlist Kerstin was named as #7 in the January 2017 OnOffice Magazine ‘Power List of movers and shakers within the world of workplace for ‘being perfectly positioned between the theoretical and the practical concerns of office interiors’.


building Ros was featured in the article ‘What workers want: Evidence-based design‘ on 16 December 2016 on, following her contribution to a webinar on ‘Evidence behind creating the ideal working environment’, hosted by Building earlier in December.