Upcoming talks



We are currently booked to speak at the below events. If you’re interested in us speaking at your event, please get in touch.


Design Junction: Wellbeing and the workplace

The Everyman Cinema, King’s Cross, London, UK

10am, 19 September 2019

Ros will be a panellist at this event speaking about the workplace and its impact on how people feel and behave.
Arts Council England Away Day

Coventry, UK

3 October 2019

Kerstin is invited to speak at a panel on the topic of ‘Working smart or smartly working’ at the away day of the Arts Council England bringing together their nine regional offices and an expected audience of 550 staff. The panel will cover the future of the workplace, new ways of working and experiences in different office settings.
Workplace Week Fringe Event: Workplace Settings and the Experience of Visibility

Herman Miller showroom, London, UK

8:15-9:30am, 12 November 2019

Ros and Kerstin will run a free taster session as part of Workplace Week, hosted by Herman Miller. Talking about workplace settings, preferences and visibility patterns, we will take participants on a journey to discover the variety of factors that come into play when we make choices at work. The event is free, but registration is required.


References to past talks and events can be found in our Talk archive.