Between #WorkplaceDesign, #FOWCchat, #DataScience and #EvidenceMatters

This week has been an interesting one on Twitter with a variety of different hashtags highlighting relevant discussions touching upon the (intellectual) space we are occupying. So we thought we’d share some of our favourite hashtags and tweets and elaborate on how and why these matter to us.



A very diverse and active hashtag, this unites the community interested in the design of offices and workplaces. You can find eye candy here, as well as opinions (“Densely populated open-plan offices of the modern world aren’t always easy places to work in!”), trends, some good reads and quite a lot of links to service providers.


Related to workplace design, this lovely hashtag allows the ‘Future of Work Community’ (FOWC) to meet and talk in a weekly Twitter chat. If you’ve never participated in a twitter chat, this works by agreeing a time and date as well as a topic. A host asks questions using the hashtag (marked with Q1, Q2 etc) and everyone can read and answer (using A1, A2 etc). This week’s #FOWchat covered Activity Based Working. It provided a good summary of what activity based working is, why it matters and what is important to make it work.


Bridging research and practice is an interesting challenge: how can we make sure that latest insights from rigorous research find its way into decision-making? This links into Evidence-Based Practices, for instance evidence-based medicine, evidence-based management or evidence-based design. A recent survey in the Journal for Evidence-Based Design found that 80% of architects and designers perceived the need for more evidence, yet only 5% actively collected some sort of data. So how can we bridge this gap?

This issue is also at the heart of the campaign Evidence Matters, initiated by the charity Sense About Science, which invited 15 people into parliament this week to report about their lifes, their stories and why and how evidence matters to them, among them parents, a school teacher, fire officer, a chef, a cycling campaigner, to name just a few. Following the hashtag #EvidenceMatters allowed us to listen into a lively debate around a topic that is close to our hearts.


We’ve also been listening into the conversations of Twitter folks geeking out about #DataScience and #DataAnalytics. Both are really busy streams, featuring anything from nerdy jokes, data analysis tutorials, job listings and more. With our love of data and the understanding that with data comes insight, this is a good place for us to hang out.


What are your favourite hashtags that you follow? Let us know in the comments section below.

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